Purge Your Sins with Memphis Jimmy
...Bridge over troubled water?
With Memphis Jimmy

Purge your sins - Send me money

Now accepting 5th Step confessions

...Now available on the world wide web and through special arrangements with my
Higher Power for a slight fee, I can now purge your sins! Become whole again!!

...Maybe you told a racist joke today or maybe you called someone a bad name.
Maybe you said words like Nigger, Rag Head, Fagot, Dyke, Wet Back, Bitch, Republican.

...You probably feel pretty bad. (or you should)!! Get it off your chest!! Tell me your sin!!
Have you been Bad? Let me make you feel better!!! Warm and fussy!!

...Just submit your name and sin below along with your generous donation.
*Please note: Bigger the Sin, bigger the Donation! Most major credit cards accepted.


...Memphis Jimmy approved products

Wash your sins Away - Send me money

Purge my Sin - Major Credit Cards Welcome

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...Purge your sins ...Feel good about yourself!! ...Send me money!! ...Need new vehicle!! Bigger the sin - Bigger your donation!! ...Fifth Step also heard!!

*disclaimer: Any contributions given may or may not be used for a worthy cause other than my own but will make you feel better.
It is guaranteed that donations will go to making someone's life better. Whose? Mine. God Bless You!!

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To go over my Head, file a Complaint or Speak to my Boss [God] click here

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