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A is for Apple, ...........................................................
. B is for boat, That used to be right, But now it won't float!
C is Caring for the sick, is what we once said,...............

But let's be a bit more real instead.


A is for broken anonymity ;
B is for all the bickering,....
C is for the clique?.......

and that's why.....
D is for DIRT, now taken care of the sick.

Bacon and Eggs

The Newsletter

John S. Straight Talk on Discovery and Recovery

VOL IV - Sep 1, 2002

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WELCOME to John S. Homepage site on the world wide web. From discovery to recovery, I've got it covered! From work to pleasure, I got all of your hidden treasure. Home Repair at it's best. Learn tips on fixing up the house from a u joint to a tuck and point. I also will share my experience, strength and hope from alcohol abuse to smoking a little dope. Learn how you to can be free of misery and sin, articles that will have you coming back again and again. So come back often and you will see, how I became happy, joyous and free.

John S.

Hint: Scroll on down for the rest of the story.

Are You Spiritually Bankrupted?

I have came up with a list of things not to do in AA if you want what I got. A clean spiritual life and willing to go to any lengths to get it. It's not the things I don't understand that gives me a problem, it's the things I DO understand and don't want to do them. Please note that I am writing this from my own experience.
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1. Don't lend any money - If you do, consider it a gift. And if you ever get it back, consider it another gift.
2. Don't Point Fingers- Remember that three are pointing back to you.
3. Don't be judgmental- If you don't look down at anyone, you won't have to look up at anyone. We are all the same.
4. Don't 13 Step- Check your motives, Are you squeaky clean? If she needs a ride home that's OK but don't forget about him!
5. Don't be Controlling- Remember you only can share your experience, strength and hope. You are not a guidance councilor. Don't act like you are all knowing and an authority on solutions.
6. Don't become a Big Book Thumper- It's OK to learn the pages and make quotes, but don't over do it. New comers don't like it and thinks you are a smart ass.
7. Don't Bash- It's not a good idea to bash one's religion or beliefs. If you're into quoting the Big Book, It says, "see where they may be right."
8. Don't be a Pig- It's all about change. Since it is a spiritual program and cleanness is next to God, don't be crusty in appearance. And if you make a mess, clean it up. How are others seeing you?
9. Don't become a AA Junkie- Don't do like I did and hide out at meetings. It's all about balance. Do I have other commitments or responsibilities?
10.Don't become a Guru- A Guru is a person who does every thing that I just listed not to do. They are all knowing on problems, solutions and the Big Book. They love to talk way over 3 minutes and usually hog the meetings. They love to sponsor as many people as possible (man and woman). And they love telling others how to live. They don't have an outside life. Have you seen anyone like that? Remember, "What goes around, comes around".

Keep coming back, It works!
John S.



I have done everything wrong in AA except two things. Got drunk and commit adultery or commit adultery and got drunk. It''s like Bacon and Eggs, you do one and you will do the other.

I would be going down the road, minding my own business and my vehicle would pull into the liquor store. I would just get a half pint to drink after supper or if she was bitching. The bottom line, I got drunk every time. What I came up with is I caught up with myself. I felt that impending dome, the four horseman. If nothing changes, nothing changes.

The first couple of years I was on a dry drunk. In the name of AA, if Suzy needed a ride to from the meeting, I would pick her up and take her home. But if Joe needed a ride, oh well, if he got to that bar OK, he can make it to a meeting. I had to come up with a spiritual program instead of a BS program. Instead of putting my boy on the church bus, I put him in my truck and took him and myself to church. My, my, had church changed? I didn't see no Jezebels or bleeding deacons. Just humble people. I remember one time when the collection basket was going around I accidentally dropped in a $100 bill (I really didn't realize it was a hundred dollar bill but it was too late to correct the mistake). That following week after all my bills were paid, above and beyond all expenses, I unsuspectedly received a check for $1,000.00. I've been tithing ever since. Inch by inch is a cinch, yard by yard is hard. That's been nearly 18 years ago and I haven't found it necessary to go back out yet.

John S.

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I tried drinking myself to death but I realized that it would take a life time.

Go ahead and cry over it!

My little splinter in my finger hurts worse than your broken leg! No matter what comes down the pike, a death, loosing material stuff or a divorce, I'll be OK. I've been quoting that for years. Well, practicing what you preach is a lot harder than you may think. You know, recent events in my life has really tested me. I needed every meeting I ever attended for the last 18 and half years to go through what I am going through today. They say that God won't put more on you than you can handle. Well, he must be testing me. One thing I can say, I haven't found it necessary yet to think that a drink would make it any better thanks to the program. My old M.O. was to get me a half pink and figure this shit out. But thank God I don't have to do that today. It's OK to cry over it and then move on! God could and would, if he was sought! Good time to practice the 3rd step. Inch by Inch!

John S.

We're Living in SIN? Yessiree! and Proud of it!

Don't tell your grandmother, but the number of people who are living together and not married has increased a whopping 72 percent to 5.47 million people in 2000, up from 3.19 million people in 1990. America is living in sin and proud of it! What was once taboo is now going mainstream. And that's not all that has changed, according to the latest statistics from the 2000 Census. The number of people living alone has skyrocketed to 26 percent of the entire U.S. population; 40 years ago, just 8 percent lived alone. And for the first time ever, the so-called "typical American family" (that would be a mommy, daddy, and some children under the age of 18) now accounts for less than a quarter of the population. Four decades ago, the nuclear family was 45 percent of the population. Why the radical shift? First, we're delaying marriage and parenthood. Second, the divorce rate is up, which is also adding to the number of single parent families. The American family has changed. All this shifting in who is living with whom has also changed the average household size. It's now at a record low of 2.59 people. Here's good news for the older ladies: The number of men for every 100 women increased to 96.3 in 2000 from 95.1 10 years ago. It seems that men are starting to live longer, closing the life expectancy gap.

--John S.

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How to chair meetings?

Be prepared - Have a topic - Go exactly by the Format
(I need to work on this one myself and stop trying to still the show)

Although AA has no rules and we ought never be organized, common sense should prevail. That is if the person who is chairing has common sense. Here are a few tips that I have leaned from various workshops and from experience over the years that may help you. First, the Chairman's job is to chair, NOT share. Remember to get self out of the way. A chairman should never share unless there is time left. Never open up the meeting and say, "the floors open" this usually comes from a 90 day wonder. People, especially the new comers can be shy, afraid and too timid to talk. The chairman should always call on the person to talk. I believe that the person who suites up and shows up on time should be allowed to talk before the ones who come in late and don't even know what the topic is. The chairman should always have a topic picked out. But if someone ask for another topic first, that one should be the one. A chairman should maintain order and always stand up for the traditions. -John S.

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For all your home repair needs contact me.

Warning: Watch out for Scam Artists!

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Yes it's the season to watch out for the bogus repair men. Always trying to take advantage of the weak. Just because they have been or presently in the program doesn't mean nothing. Watch out for their high estimates and be sure to get customer references. Remember that honesty and interiority or the two important things to look for.

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